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When Art Inspires Fashion

Dianne Winnerwald, owner and sole designer at clothing store studio d, had the most interesting way to launch her spring 2021 collection. Her inspiration for her spring 2021 collection was art. With that in mind Dianne teamed up with local artist Sheryl Siddiqui to use Sheryl’s colourful abstract art as the backdrop for her photoshoot. Hundreds of amazing shots later Dianne’s idea came to life. Blending fashion and art together. You might think that the two creators had been collaborating from the start from the way the art really plays off well with the new spring line at studio d, but I assure you the clothing line and the paintings were created independently of each other. Its all a coincidence really, though the art and fabrics are a perfect match. studio d has a well-lit store front and lends itself well showing off art. The art will be installed for a couple of months so make sure you get the chance to view all 5 works of art and Dianne's new spring 2021 line in Ottawa, at studio d, 340 Gladstone, Suite 302.

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