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From the Source

Collector of Soundtrack of my life.

"This stunning piece was posted on her IG and I immediately feel in love with it and within 24hrs it was here! Thank you social media.

When I met with Sheryl, she told me this painting was part of a series where the underlying message was to cultivate happiness in the here and now. Being happy with what we have as opposed to telling ourselves “I’ll be happy when…(insert your thing)

Bam! That really hit me. I try to appreciate everything I have and I’m very choosy before I buy anything new but I know I still fall prey to thinking I’ll be happy when…   

So now, I have this cheerful contemporary painting to remind me, in the most beautiful way, to be happy with what I’ve got, right here and right now.

Dianne W

Collector of Melding into Purple 30"x40", and Open Me 10"x10"

  "Sheryl, we Love Love Love both paintings. The entire evening has revolved around hanging the paintings. I greatly appreciate how the obvious contrast of the yellow brings out the diversity and beauty in each shade of purple. That yellow teases out the best that every shade of purple has to offer. "

Tamara  V